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  • Isaac Lamek Chege Mwaura

    Prof. Isaac Lamek.

    7 years experience $37.00/hr

    Am Prof. Isaac Lamek. Am currently working as a lecturer at Zetech university Kenya.  Am ready with anything and always available to help all you students archive your goals. I have 7 year experience in teaching and 5 years experience in online tutoring. Am available 24/7. I can tutor help with assignments, am  really good at what i do. you can trust me with anything and i will deliver within due date.

  • Choudhary Muneeb

    My basic goal is to bring a smile on client's face

    2 years experience $15.00/hr

    I am a free Lancer For almost a year now ! Providing Quality work is the first priority and accuracy is guranteed! get in touch if you want quality work in time!

  • Kennedy

    Film & Theater Technician/ Executive Assistant

    3 years experience $10.00/hr

    Have a keen eye for research.

  • Russell


    10 years experience $30.00/hr

    I am a professional writer with 10+ years of experience in content writing,  copywriting, ghostwriting, academic writing, e-book writing, and proofreading/editing. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in epidemiology. I will appreciate working with my clients on both short term and long term contracts.

    Kind regards,


  • Sweta Sharma

    Research Scholar

    3 years experience $40.00/hr

    Enthusiastic Research scholar eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of Chemistry and its applications and training in ChemDraw, Math type and similar software. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in Academic and research area

  • Sandra Unorji

    Researcher and Math Tutor

    3 years experience $20.00/hr

    I love to teach as I find that it gives me room to share and bring out the best in young minds. I grew up in Nigeria where I was thought by amazing and unforgettable teachers which formed the foundation for my commitment to teaching others. I teach elementary and middle school mathematics. I also teach college  laboratory  molecular biology techniques.

  • Leah Franczek

    K-7 Math/Science Tutor

    2 years experience $20.00/hr

    Hello! My name is Leah Franczek. I graduated from the UTA in 2018 earning a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies in Math/Science Education in grades 4-8. I have been working the past 5 years as a substitute teacher. I have experience working as a Math tutor in grades 2-8. In addition, I have experience in teaching K-8 science curriculum.

    I am very familiar with online programs such as google docs, slides, and spreadsheets. Very proficient in Microsoft word, powerpoint, and excel.…

  • Jamie Ross

    Educator and Tutor

    7 years experience $25.00/hr


    I am an educator at heart, and I work hard to help students succeed.


    MY (know me) VIDEO:






    Elementary (PK-2)

    21 years experience $10.00/hr

    I teach 3 and 4 year olds in Dallas Texas.  I have tutored online before many grade levels.  I like to find ways to help kids learn and reach their potential and possibly help them navigate through their feelings when they may not be up to learning.  

  • Nikal Morgan

    Math / Front End Development Coach

    5 years experience $30.00/hr

    Hello, my name is Nikal Morgan, I am 25 years old and love teaching. I have taught at a charter school for 3 years in the subject math from Algebra 1 to PreCalculus. I’ve been teaching  Math for 7 years and my students have gone on to pass their exams and help others. Within the first few lessons, you’ll be able to break down and identify different problems and as time goes on you’ll be able to solve each problem. I…

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