Tutor Quality Assurance Policy

Tutor Quality Assurance Policy

The AssignmentMe Tutor Quality Assurance Program (PQAP) helps insure the overall health of our marketplace. Strong, positive outcomes encourage clients to continue working with both AssignmentMe and the talented service Tutors available through AssignmentMe.

When a Student reports a Quality event, AssignmentMe’s team of Quality Assurance Experts follow this Tutor Quality Assurance Program. Examples of the most common Quality Events and consequences are outlined below:


Infraction Level

  1. Quality Action: Deactivation

If any of the following event type occurs, user account will be deactivated

  1. Unethical behavior, such as threats, solicitation, or violating AssignmentMe’s terms of use
  2. Discrimination
  3. Attempting to get “off-platform” work from a client while on site


  1. Quality Action: Temporary Restriction

If any of the following event type occurs, user account will be restricted pending rectification of issue

  1. Late delivery of assignment solutions


If you have questions regarding incidents or regarding the Tutor Quality Assurance Policy, please contact AssignmentMe by emailing support@assignmentme.com

Last modified: May 7th, 2018

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