Any payment made outside of our platform can’t be disputed. We highly frown at this, and ban tutors who do so. To help us, please report any tutor that approaches you with this offer. 

If there is a tutor trying to be extra awesome, they might be willing to help you for free!

We require a minimum budget of $1 when you post an assignment, but don’t worry you don’t get charged for it until you accept a bid from a tutor.

So to get a free session, you can post an assignment and ensure you include that you are looking for a free session in your title. Set your budget to $1. If a tutor is interested in helping you out, they will place a bid with a message. They can help you out via messaging without accepting the bid.

Unfortunately, you are unable to review the tutor and tell the world how amazing this tutor is without accepting a bid. So if you are interested in reviewing the tutor (which will be nice if someone is helping you for free), you will have to make the $1 payment to them. But we doubt that will be a hefty price to say thank you to a tutor who just put effort in helping you. We know, some will say, “Well, I was looking for 100% FREE”. It still is. Think of it as a tip. You don’t have to do it, but it will be nice. 

Not really. Anyone who thinks they are comfortable tutoring or helping out on a subject can register as a tutor. We are working on implementing a “verified tutor” icon, where tutors can request to be verified and they get an icon on their profile stating we verified their education, portfolio and details they have of themselves. That however doesn’t guarantee who can teach well or not.

As a student, you should look at the tutor’s profile, review, and rate to make an informed decision on whether to hire them or not. 

But be rest assured your money is secured. If a tutor does not meet the requirement you agreed upon, you can simply open a dispute at anytime in your workspace. With proper evidence, you will get your money back. You should also review the tutor, to let other students know about your encounter with them.

As a student, you post assignment/tutoring need with detail of what you need help with. Tutors can then bid on it, or you can “invite” your tutor of choice. Once you and the tutor agree upon a rate or price, you will accept that amount from the tutor as a bid. You will be required to pay right away, but the money goes into the Escrow Account, and not to the tutor until your session is complete.

The tutor will send you a link to their tutoring room. It will look like this You both login on agreed time, and get your online tutorial session going. Once your session is complete, you will click on “complete”, on your post, and the money gets sent to the tutor. Review the tutor if you choose to (we will love for you to), and you are good to go.

If you want another session with the tutor, you just click “renew” on the same assignment, invite the tutor, accept their bid, and you are all good to go for another amazing session.

Good question. We don’t know.

It all depends on what tutor you choose. In the skillset of your tutor, it should say what the turnover time is. If it is emergency, you should be able to get it the same day, urgent 2-3 days, and normal could take as long as needed (before your deadline of course). So, make sure you read tutor’s profile properly, and their review before accepting their bid.

That is quite unfortunate; we apologize.

If you are yet to click the “Finish” button to signify satisfaction, you can start a dispute by clicking “Close” instead. You will have to explain the reason for you displeasure (Is it the turnover time, or not achieving the proper milestone etc.). Depending on the dispute, you could get partial to full refund of your money.

Shame on us!

Please email us at and we will stop everything we are doing, until we find you one!

We probably missed it when we were adding our subjects. Please email us at and we will get it added right away.

Here are our recommended tips on how to ensure you get the best session for your money:

  • Whenever tutors bid, you can chat/message them to ask all your questions (including bargaining for reduction in rate).
  • You can also search for tutors, and invite them to look at your post.
  • We recommend you request a free 5-10 min online session with them if you want online tutoring to ensure they will be a good fit for you.
  • Once you find your tutor of choice, and accept their bid, you will be required to pay the agreed upon amount before the session can start. This money stays in an escrow account, and doesn’t go to the tutor until your session is completed. When satisfied, you click “finish” and the tutor gets his money. If there is a reason for a dispute, click “close”, and a dispute resolution will be automatically opened. If found in your favor, the money gets refunded to your account.
  • Review your tutor, so future students can go off your review on whether to use them or not.
  • For repeat sessions, just go to “My Assignments Posted”, and renew it. You can then invite the same tutor again, and the process continues.

What?!!! That is fully unacceptable on our platform.

We would appreciate if you have proper evidence (assignment showing plagiarism). If you do, we would fully reimburse you, and BAN the tutor’s account (if investigation shows purposeful plagiarism).

Well, technically you are still paying with your card, and we appreciate that.

The AMe credit provides safe, easy, and quicker payment option and happier customers. You have better security using the credit system. Your card or PayPal info is only required to purchase credit.

Once you purchase a credit, you don’t have to keep pulling out your card or PayPal info, until you are out of credit.

Also using the AMe credit, allows us to easily integrate people of different countries and payment gateway into our platform. It also ensures smooth running of our escrow account 

Whenever you pay a tutor an amount, there is a transaction fee of 2.9% +30 cents charged by PayPal or Stripe. The lower the amount you pay, the higher the 30 cents extra has in value. For example, when you purchase a $10 package (our minimum), the 30 cents have a value of 5%, so it’s like being charged 8%. If you are allowed to purchase a $1 package, the 30 cents will have a 30% value, and it will be like the tutor was charged 33% transaction fees. So the higher the package, the lesser the effect of the 30 cents. The less charges on the tutors, the more they can drop their fees. So it still trickles down to you.

Also, note that once you purchase a package, you have the credit in your account. For example, you can purchase a $25 package, pay $5 for an assignment, and have $20 left in your account for future transactions. No need to keep pulling out your card until you need to purchase more credit.

Unfortunately we can’t tell you who to pick. This is one of the challenges of having too many amazing options.

We however recommend you look at their experiences, reviews, and rate/bid (your pocket really matter), and make a decision off these factors. 


We are sure you already know the answer to that. 

We take pride in our services, so if there is anything that concerns you, please let us know, and we will try to fix it.

If however, we notice you try to get students to pay you outside of our platform to avoid paying the fees (which we use to run things efficiently), you will be banned from our platform. And if you think, you will just create another account…. sorry to disappoint you, but we ban IP addresses, not just your account. Sorry we are hash, but we need to for everybody’s benefit.

So, no you are not allowed!

If you helped the student with an assignment or tutoring session, at the end of your session (student closes post, and money is released to you), you are given the option to rate the student. We highly recommend you rate your student, since this will help other tutors or yourself make better decision in the future on how to thread while working with the student.

Yes you can.

Students are required to have a minimum budget of $1 when they post an assignment or tutoring need. But if you want to offer a free 10-15 min session to a student online to see if you are a good fit, just set up a room  and share the link with the student before they accept your bid. Meet at an appointed time, and you are good to go. Let the free tutorials begin!

Also once you bid on a student’s assignment, you can communicate with the student via messaging. You can help out the student this way without the student accepting your bid. This way, no transaction is required, and you can get to help the student for free.

However, the student can’t give you a review without a transaction. So if you want them to review you, you have to bid $1 and encourage them to accept it. Note however, that fees will still be charged on your $1, and in the end, you will only get about 50 cents from it because of how low the amount is. But then again, you intended it to be a free session.

These kind of sessions are good for building up your review.

Well…. we took some of it (You are notified before you place a bid).

10% of what the student pays goes towards maintaining servers and our employees (Thanks for the love), and PayPal and Stripe are the third party payment processors we use, and they charge an extra fee of 2.9%+30c, and an international fee of 5%.

Come on, we thought you were the ROCK, and can do it all…. Just kidding.

If you are busy helping other students, or busy with other life events like vacations etc, just login to your account,  go to your “My Profile” page, and turn off the “Available for hire” button. Your profile will automatically be taken off the search for tutor’s page. 

Once you are ready to be back on, just repeat the process. This time instead,  you are turning the “Available for hire” back on.

EASY PEASY. It’s your money…. Take it when you need it!

Go to My Credit and scroll down to “Credit Withdrawal”. Update your bank or PayPal info if you haven’t already, and click the “Withdraw” button.

For added security, after clicking and confirming “withdrawal” you will get a “confirm withdrawal” email from AssignmentMe. Once you reply to this email to confirm your withdrawal request, payment will be disbursed immediately to your account of preference. If you opted for PayPal, you will get the money immediately, but if bank account, it can take up to 3-5 business days.

No, you did not just ask that question…… well, I guess you did.

We really can’t help you with that. We know you are unable to see what other tutors bids are. We set it that way, so tutors that bid early are not at a disadvantage to those who come later, and bid $1 less.  

Our recommendation is that you bid what you think is the minimum you are willing to take for a session or assignment. You shouldn’t bid less because you really want the job. If you miss this one, you can always get the next one is our mentality. 

But this one is really for you to decide.

Your money is still in the Escrow account!

Once the student accepted your bid, they had to pay the agreed amount into the ESCROW account. If your services are rendered already as agreed upon with the student, then you haven’t seen the money in your account because the student is yet to click the “Complete” button on his or her end.

Maybe your work was too amazing, they forgot to click “Finish”. On a serious note, send them a message to remind them. If you don’t hear from them in 24 hours, send us a message through your Message Center or email us at or, and we will attempt contacting the student. If no positive response, you can click on the “discontinue” button which will automatically open a dispute. 

Note* If you have this experience with a student, make sure you put it in your review of them so other tutors are aware of this student’s behavior in the future.

If you just created the account, the you are probably yet to create a profile. Until you do so, you will not be available to students. 

All you need to do is go to “My Profile” page and “Edit profile”. Once you complete the top section, and click save, your profile becomes automatically available to the public to search.

If you already had a profile in the past, and you still can’t be found, check your “Available for hire” button on your profile page. If it is off, turn it on, and you are good to go.

These are the only two options that will result in not being visible to students. 

To begin with, a review typically reflects how the student felt about his/her encounter with you.

That being said, if you feel you did everything, and the student was being unnecessary unfair in their review, email us at with details.

We will contact the student that gave you the review and see how we can resolve things.

15% of what the agreed bid on an A.Me Request was before a dispute loss.

We highly recommend you know the details of an A.Me Request before you bid on it. In the case you bid and win on a request, but unable to deliver, the student will dispute. If the student wins the dispute, he or she will get a refund of what they paid into the escrow account when they accepted your bid. However, you get charged 15% of whatever the agreed amount was for the A.Me Request. This is what we call the dispute fee. This fee covers card transaction fees, and other fees that are involved in rectifying dispute issues. If you win a dispute, you get your full paid money, and don’t have to worry about this fee.

Remember, don’t make promises you can’t keep!

With AssignmentMe, this is not a problem. Besides, this is where people come to get problems solved. 

Our Escrow Account helps ensure both sides keep to their side of the bargain. Once a student accepts your bid, payment of the agreed upon amount has to be paid right away into the Escrow account. However,  you don’t see the money in your account until your service is completed. Once you are finished with the assignment or tutoring session, the student will click on “Finish” on their end. Once this is done, the money gets released to your account, and you are good to go.

This way we ensure the student pays you, but that you also deliver as promised.

You are required to save the top of your profile that requires the general information first (above the “available for hire button”). If you try to edit your “Portfolio”, “Experience”, “Education” or “Certificates” before it, our system will reject your edit. 

Once you fill out the required session of your profile, and save it, you will be able to fill out and save the other sessions as necessary.

Once you have the badge, you can’t edit your profile without notifying our admin team. If you do, the verified badge disappears. This is a way for us to ensure tutors don’t add information that is not verified after getting the verified badge.


Interesting concept… we could argue we are all students and tutors in a way.

Unfortunately you can’t have an account for both. You will have to create two separate accounts, with different emails. But nothing else is stopping you from doing so.

We generally recommend the following:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
  • 4.0 GB of system memory (RAM) or greater
  • Processor (CPU) running at 1.8 GHz or higher
  • Terrestrial (land-based) Internet service (Cable, DSL, Fiber, etc.) capable of at least 256 kbit/sec in both directions 
    • Satellite internet or public Wi-Fi connections cannot be accepted
  • Google Chrome or Firefox
  • A working headset and/or microphone for voice communication
  • Desktop or laptop with Display capable of at least 720px vertical resolution 
  • Enable flash (HTML5 option is available, but does not allow for peer-to-peer video sharing)

We love it when people say nice things about us. We can never say no to that!

Please email us at, and we would get to share your nice thoughts about us to the world.

Definitely not… it is open to any project that can be tackled by a tutor, from assignment help and online tutoring to music lessons and more (as long as it is legal)

Not yet at least!

Please email us at for general questions, or at for questions on your account.

AssignmentMe is a freelancer platform for tutors of all subjects.

Unlike the traditional way of searching for local individual tutors, students with assignments or need of tutoring on a subject matter post their assignment on our platform with a budget. Tutors then get to bid on it. The student can then make a decision based on the review of each tutors (by other students), and the bid price what tutor to go for.

Alternatively, student could browse through profiles of tutors, and invite them to help out on an assignment or tutor them.

In the end, the student gets their desired grade, and the tutor goes home with extra cash.

We do, you just can’t see it.

We turned it off for now; it is safer this way. We wouldn’t want to put that security fully in the hand of a third-party. And our login system is faster anyway, why would you want to use any other method.

This means the tutor’s education and  work history has been verified. 

AssignmentMe is a freelance platform, so to verify all tutors education, and ensure they don’t change the information later will be quite a feat. So tutors have to be opt to be verified, and willing to pay the verification fees.

Tutor’s that were directly interviewed and given training on online tutoring get this badge. These tutors are the only ones allowed to create courses on the AssignmentMe platform.