A.Me Escrow
For SECURE transaction and peace of mind for students and tutors
A.Me Escrow account
Student - All payment goes into escrow until work is done
Stay Confident

Once an agreement is reached, and you accept a tutor's bid, you will be required to pay before you get tutored. But DON'T WORRY, the tutor doesn't get the money until you get tutored as promised.

Upon getting tutored or assignment help is completed, you click on the "All Done" button to express your satisfaction (and can include a review), that is when your payment gets released to the Tutor's account. Everyone is happy!

In the case of a dispute (tutor didn't deliver as promised), you can click the "Discontinue" button. Once clicked, a dispute page will be created, where you put your reasons or evidence to support a dispute. Admin will review it. If in your favor, your money will be returned from the escrow to your account. If not, payment will be made to the tutor.

Tutor - Payment is received after tutoring is completed
Good Work Pays

Once an agreement is reached and the student accepts your bid, the student is required to pay right away. The payment then goes into the A.Me escrow account. You will see the amount (after fees) reflected in your account as "working project" amount. Until you complete tutoring, or written assignment help, you will be unable to access this amount.

Once your agreement with the student is completed to satisfaction, the student clicks on the "All Done" button in the workspace. At this point, the money gets transferred from the escrow into your account. This would reflect as "Available Credit" in your account. At this point, you can withdraw your money to your personal bank account. Don't forget to review the student as well. Everyone is happy!

In the case of a dispute with the student, you can click the "Discontinue" button, and a dispute page will be open. You will then have to put reasons or evidence for discontinuing agreement. Admin will review evidence from you and the student. If in your favor, you will receive payments. If not, the money will be refunded to the student.