A safe and reliable payment system for both Tutors & Students

After a student posts an assignment with a budget, they receive bids from different tutors. Alternatively, they can look for a tutor based on profile, and invite them to become their tutor on that assignment post. Once an agreement is reached, and the student accepts the bid, the student gets a prompt to make a deposit of the amount agreed upon. For security and ease, AssignmentMe uses AMe credits that allows you to pay using a secured generated code. If you don't have enough credits, it allows you to purchase as needed (using your credit card or PayPal). Once completed, the money goes into Our Escrow Account until the assignment is completed as agreed upon.

Once completed, and you give a thumbs up (mark "Finish"), the money gets released to the Tutor's account. You review your tutor, and everyone is happy.

If you are unsatisfied with the result because it didn't match your agreement of time, quality, or milestones. you can choose to click "Close" instead of clicking on "Finish". Admin will have to review it based on presented evidence (original agreement vs finished product etc.). If disputes go in your favor, you get a refund of your credit, which you can use for another assignment or withdraw back to your bank account.

Note** Any "fishy" acts to get assignment/tutoring completed as agreed upon without having to pay will result in the student banned from using AssignmentMe in the future.

After browsing through assignments, and placing a bid on assignment of interest. Alternatively, student can invite you to help out on their assignment. An agreement is reached once student accepts your bid, and makes payment into the escrow account. You will be notified, and it is time to get to work. Once agreed upon action (assignment or/and tutoring) is completed to satisfaction, student clicks on "Finish". You send a withdrawal request to admin, and you can withdraw your credit in your currency of choice. (using PayPal, or Stripe). You review your student and write about your experience working with the student, and everyone is happy.

If at any point in time, there is a dispute between you and the student (usually after assignment or/and tutoring) is completed, you can choose to click "Close", and a dispute page will open. Admin will have to review it based on presented evidence (original agreement vs finished product etc.). If disputes go in your favor, you get paid in full as agreed upon, or partial credit based on how much work completed before dispute. It's good to try to work things out as much as possible with student, since dispute sometimes take long, and results in your money sitting in the escrow account longer than you want it to.

Note** If you don't meet up to the standard promised to student on AssignmentMe, student will get refunded, and you will be have to take down that skill level. Also any form of PLAGIARISM will lead to a temporary suspension and possible ban from using AssignmentMe in the future.