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Welcome to our bid section! If you have any questions, remember our A.Me help desk is here for you as well!
Tutors for Everything!

There is always a tutor available for whatever you need!

Bid structure helps student get the best price for their request.
Both students and tutors get reviewed after each session, ensuring the best experience!
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Personal Info
Private is private

You don't have to share your phone number, email or any personal information with your tutor or student. In fact, sharing personal information is frowned upon on our platform. You have your workspace with your account, and every interaction takes place here!

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Get Tutored Anywhere

No need to drive out to meet a tutor or student. No need to worry about what time of the day it is. No need to worry about your location . No need to worry ...period. Just enjoy learning on any device at your convenience .

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Payout is done only when satisfied

AssignmentMe is setup to use an escrow account. Once a student selects a tutor's bid on their A.Me Request, they are expected to pay before the session begins. However, the paid money stays in the Escrow account until the student expresses satisfaction that the tutor completed their end of the bargain!