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  • Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal

    Modern Languages Tutor

    8 years experience $25.00/hr

    Hello everyone! I am an experienced language tutor for both high school and college level classes. I am passionate about foreign languages and making them accessible, easy, and fun to learn for everyone! My language specialty is Spanish (B.A., Spanish 2009–University of the Incarnate Word), but I also have experience tutoring French and Italian as well.

    I also recently graduated from Brite Divinity School in 2019 and I work as a young adult minister, so I am available to help…

  • Ahmed Yusuf


    10 years experience $35.00/hr

    My background is in the STEM area, i have more than 10 years of tutoring and teaching experience. I have both PhD and MS in chemical engineering. I have more than 5 years experience as a teaching assistant in the University. I have tutored, Mathematics, Advance engineering mathematics, Transport phenomena, Engineering Thermodynamics and so on. I also tutor High school students, i have prepared more than 50 students for various international exam such as, SAT, IGCSE, WAEC, CBS etc. I…

  • Mike Njeru

    Business Writer

    4 years experience $10.00/hr

    A Business Management Officer by profession with over four years of experience, I am also an academic writer who is dedicated to assisting students with managing their academic tasks. Over time, I have acquired knowledge in a broad range of disciplines, which has proven valuable when dealing with any given work.

  • Kehinde Jegede

    Ms.C in Mathematics

    20 years experience $20.00/hr

    My name is Kehinde Jegede. You can call me Kenny if you choose to. I am a mathematics specialist and I just completed my Ms.C program in mathematics. I have a strong passion for mathematics and teaching. And I love helping students find solution to their problems. I can help solve mathematics problems from  K1-college level.

  • Avrila Frazier

    Adjunct Professor, Tutor, and Online Teacher

    16 years experience $35.00/hr

    My current day job is as an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics for Angelina College, where I teach and tutor classes from arithmetic to calculus. I also have training and experience in elementary/middle grade education and am happy to help with other subjects at elementary and junior high level.

    I’m a homeschool graduate and am happy to help with matters related to educating outside a system, such as curriculum planning, college admissions, etc.

    I took three years of Spanish during my university…

  • martin kiai


    6 years experience $15.00/hr

    online tutoring

    written assignment assistant

  • Ryan Matundura


    5 years experience $10.00/hr


    looking for someone whom will help you achieve the best grades in mathematics in a professional  and respectful way? do not worry you are at the right place. using my extensive knowledge and experience I will tutor you in the following areas of mathematics;


    ordinary differential equations





    among others.


  • Christopher P. Ore

    CPA and Tutor for Finance, Accounting, GMAT and More

    13 years experience $60.00/hr

    CPA with 20 years of teaching experience with high school students, college students, and graduate students. My emphasis is on financial, managerial, cost accounting, and all levels of finance. I am also actively working with students seeking assistance with standardized exams (such as GMAT/GRE), and coaching on admissions strategies.

    I have also helped foreigners…

  • Kimber Bray


    5 years experience $10.00/hr

    Psychology, English, Written Assignments, History, Anatomy.

  • Daniel Yeluashvili

    Political science student

    4 years experience $15.00/hr

    Political science student with experience in activism. I speak three languages and am learning a fourth, have experience with tutoring and customer service, and am happy to help you with anything you would like to request.

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