Tutor Verified
Tutor Badge

Tutor's with this badge have requested and completed a verification process of their tutor profile. This process involves a background check, education verification and experience verification. Once added to a tutor's profile, tutors will need permission to make any adjustments to their profile. If adjustments are made without notifying the verification team, the badge automatically disappears from tutors profile. So as a student, or a parent of one, you can feel comfortable with tutors that have this badge.

Clean Criminal Background
Verified Education
Verified Experience
Criminal Background Check

We check to see there are no criminal records that reflects a predatory potential in a tutor. e.g sex offender charges, or pattern of theft etc.

Education Verification

We verify the degrees or certification claimed by tutor on their A.Me tutor profile

Experience Verification

Tutor experience is one of the things students are looking for. We verify claimed experience on tutor's profile.