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Language Learners!

Affordable freelance language tutors from around the world, ready to help you through the journey of learning a new language at your convenience anytime of the day! Learn a new language, and maybe a new culture as well

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ssignmentMe for
Language Learners!
How It Works

The process of finding a freelance language tutor is as easy as 1-2-3 on AssignmentMe. Step 1 is to create your A.Me Request (including information on the language you want to learn, budget, your current level and more). Step 2 is to look at the bids you get from the language tutors. The bids will include the rate of the freelance language tutor, their reviews from other student, and their reason for thinking they are a good fit for you. Step 3 is to accept the bid of the tutor you prefer, and get access to the tutoring room, and your session begins!

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Post A.Me Request

Create an A.Me Request stating what language you are looking to learn, and what your budget is (per session, weekly or monthly)

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Tutor Bid/Invite Tutor

Once your request is posted, language tutors from around the world can “bid” to teach you. Or you can also search through the list of language tutors, and invite them directly to tutor you.

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salut les gars!
AssignmentMe facilite l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue avec des locuteurs natifs

Learning French
Patrick Bernard
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Das Erlernen einer Sprache kann manchmal eine Herausforderung sein. Trotzdem ist es schön, einen einfachen Zugang zu wundervollen Tutoren auf der ganzen Welt zu haben, die bereit sind, Ihnen Nachhilfe zu leisten.
Vielen Dank, AssignmentMe!

Learning German
Jamal Cole
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Es bueno tener la oportunidad de enseñar español a alguien en nuestra conveniencia. ¡Sin complicaciones! ¡Recomendaré AssignmentMe anyday para tutorías de idiomas independientes!

Teaching Spanish
Sophia Martha
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Sawa watu wangu! Nimekuwa nimevutiwa na lugha ya swahili. Mimi ni msisimko mkubwa na hatimaye kuwa na mwalimu kutoka Kenya ananifundisha lugha na utamaduni. Ninaipenda!

Learning Swahili
Natasha Jones
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Smart Slider 3 is the best slider that i’ve tried so far. There’s so many useful functions and easy to understand how to use it.

Мне нравятся функции на платформе AssignmentMe. Я чувствую себя в безопасности, оплачивая моего репетитора, потому что я знаю, что мои деньги остаются на счете условного депонирования, пока я не получу обучение.

Learning Russian
Bob Stewart
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