Combustion of Methan Lab

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Posted on July 23, 2018


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Combustion of Methane Lab Simulation

Note:  Some people have had trouble with the Java applets so there are screen shots in the file listed below this one on the course page.

Also, a helpful student has included this after trouble shooting:

“I initially had some trouble with getting the Java-script simulations to load on my browser, and so I thought I would include some information on how to get them to work (on any windows operating system), because I found that being able to tweak the values in the simulations was very helpful.

This link shows you how to configure site exceptions for “untrustworthy” java applets.

Simply add the site exception to the list on your Java Configuration program, and this will allow your computer to load these older java applets.

I found also that when scrolling down on the page, the simulation would scroll out of the way.  It helps to zoom in and out on the page to reset the ‘location’ of the java simulation display.”

Thanks so much!



*use Hess’ Law to rearrange the three reactions above to match the overall reaction.  Do NOT worry about enthalpy values at this point, you will be finding them in the next steps*


b.    Find the enthalpy of combustion of magnesium using Hess’ law given the following data (assume that exactly 100.0ml of HCl was used in each trial and that HCl is in excess).


Magnesium/HCl Reaction

Grams of Magnesium    0.244 g

Final Temperature           32.2oC       

Initial Temperature         21.3oC            


Magnesium Oxide/HCl Reaction

Grams of MgO                  0.996 g

Final Temperature           28.8oC            

Initial Temperature         21.4oC            


c. The accepted theoretical value is -601.6kJ/mol.  Find your percent error.


d. Explain 2 reasons why the calculated value from the experimental data may differ from the theoretical value for the heat of reaction above and how each reason would affect your experimental data (be specific).


e. Explain why the enthalpy of combustion for magnesium could not be measured using a coffee cup calorimeter.

**Note that an overall purpose is required, as are conclusions for Activity 1!**

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