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Calculus- unit on The Cartesian Plane and Functions
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Jaren Miller, June 10

Milena is AMAZING!!!! She is kind, patient, and her help is AWESOME!!! I can only speak positively about my experience with her. I was even able to go back and further study the work she went over! That was very helpful! I would highly recommend Milena!!

Accounting Homework help
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Elizabeth Grey, September 8

Great tutor! Very patient in explaining the material, and going the extra mile without extra charges. I have definitely found my go-to private tutor for my entire college period.

Algebra Tutoring for my 8th grade kid
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Tony Biata, August 24

Daniel is a tutor of his own caliber. He is a good listener, and able to easily find where my kid is having problems with understanding. I login to watch their session so I am not in my kid's space during tutoring, and I can honestly say I have learned a thing or two myself. We will definitely hire Daniel again in the future, and I highly recommend him for math tutoring for you kid.

Essay: mental health within the African american community
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Tega, November 28

Mr, Paul was very cordial and quick. he did a great job and I recommend others to check him out ASAP because he is the answer to all your academic difficulties.

Sugar Assignment
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Taylor, July 23

She was great!

It was done really well and really fast! She is also super nice!

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